Meet Ami

Hi! It’s me, Ami (uhh-me). Like Beyonce, I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I am also a first-generation American Indian. So you’ll see me enjoying the best of both worlds by wearing cowboys boots while rocking a bindi and eating jalebis. 


Like most gen-z and millennials, I breathe social media. If you stalk my Instagram stories, you’ll see that I love to travel and try new foods. Stalk me further and you’ll notice I am a huge nerd for anything Disney, Marvel and Harry Potter (I'm a Ravenclaw).


I love to tell stories through my passion for photography and videography. I enjoy creating content while also learning more about the analytics behind them. Each post, tweet, like, and comment can have an impact and I want to help people understand how they can utilize it to their advantage. 


As a social media specialist, I create content, analyze data, and help people. The perfect ingredients for a sweet job and I can’t wait to treat you. 

Houston, TX, USA


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