Bea Porter

Founder and Social Media Strategist

Hi, I'm Bea! A native Houstonian, mother of three girls with the motto, anything is possible (with the help of google). 

When I'm not brushing up on the latest social media trends, I'm usually at a CrossFit or Yoga class, sometimes both in the same day.

You'll find me regularly posting pictures of what I'm eating, using slightly more hashtags than the average person and will include a gif or emoji whenever possible, so social media management came naturally for me.

In 2014 I began managing others social media accounts and decided in 2016 to begin my own social media management company, Bea Connected.

The best part of my business is telling my clients' stories through social media and blog posts. I love helping them shine!

Let's talk! Email or call and see how I can help.

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