Meet Grace

Hi, I'm Grace. I'm from Katy, did my undergrad at New York University, and I'm currently pursuing my Masters of Science in Marketing from the University of Houston.

On the internet, you'll find me blogging on Tumblr, scrolling through Twitter, losing hours of my life to TikTok, making myself look like a grumpy old man on Snapchat, and always, always watching Youtube in the background (Hence my motto: I follow the memes so you don't have to).

If I'm offline, that means I'm camping, kayaking, or at the beach (preferably all three). With any luck, I've got my black Lab with me and we're very busy sneaking treats or going on hikes.

At school, I'm learning to organize massive amounts of data points and use them to develop social media marketing tactics and strategies that are both efficient and effective, and at Bea Connected I'm bringing all of those insights to you!

Houston, TX, USA


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