Meet Ilana

Hey! I’m Ilana, a mom of two with a love for anything related to books, vintage, fashion, food, and Social Media.

On any average given day you can find my Instagram account filled with the books I’m reading or have read, the food I’m eating or cooking and of course, my kids. I love to travel and often you can find me back home in my native Brooklyn (I’m a New York City girl through and through).

 When I’m not working the windy roads of Social Media, you can find me browsing eBay or Etsy for cool relatable vintage pieces, or reading one of my favorites from my bookshelf.

My personal niche is finding ways to make social media relevant, fun and personal so that posts and tag lines don’t become repetitive, boring and lost in the crowd. I’m excited to get to work with you and show you a bit of what I can bring to your Social Media table, so come say hi!

Houston, TX, USA


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