• Ami Patel

3 Steps To Define Your 2019 Goals

You've made your personal New Year Resolutions but what about ones for your business? What milestones do you want to meet in 2019? How much do you want to grow and how quickly do you want it to happen?

Goal setting and making a plan to reach those goals can become overwhelming for many people, us included. That's why we came up with three simple steps any business owner (or soon to be business owner) can take to simplify the process.

Step 1. Take pen to paper.

Or hands to keys, finger to smartphone, however you like to take notes, find a way that works for you and start jotting down what comes to mind after you read the next question... If you had your ideal business, what would it be and what would that look like?

Don't overthink this one, literally write what comes to mind. If your first thought is "Well, I don't know" then write that. The biggest blocker in making goals is that we don't ever write them down. Once we start writing, even if it's nonsense, eventually something beneficial seeps it's way through.

Once you're done, take your thoughts you just wrote down and organize them on a separate paper as a checklist titled My Business is ...

My Business Is …

  • Ranking high on google search.

  • Profiting $xxxxxx each year.

  • Receiving xxx number of new customers each month.

Step 2. Create a Timeline.

Now that you have your goals create a timeline of when you want to achieve them. Be realistic here, yes we would like our businesses to have an influx of customers overnight, but that's not likely to happen.

On that same sheet of paper from Step 1, create a column with dates on it of when you plan on achieving each goal.

Notice, I'm not saying when you "think" you will reach your goal, you must be in the mindset of KNOWING you WILL reach your goals. The mindset of changing "maybe" to "definitely" is necessary to help you reach your goals according to your timeline.

My Business Is …

  • Ranking high on google search By 03/2019

  • Profiting $xxxxxx each year. By 06/2019

  • Receiving xxx number of new customers each month. By 03/2019

Step 3. Break it down.

On a separate piece of paper, start with your first goal. Then break it down into smaller goals. Write down each mini-goal that will have to happen before the big goal is achieved. Do this for each of your big goals. Now you have your next steps.

Ranking high on google search By 03/2019

  1. Google how to rank high on google search. (Google is always a good place to start.) ;)

  2. Update my website with high ranking keywords.

  3. Begin blogging.

Start today with one mini-goal from your list, just one. Maybe one of your mini-goals was to make a plan, guess what? You just did that!

Resolve to spend some time each day working towards one of your mini goals until to check them off.

Making business goals is necessary if you want to see your business grow. Spend a few minutes today working on your plan, post your goals on the wall above your desk so you see them daily and you will start to see growth in your business this year!

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