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Facebook Hiding Likes

Recently Facebook and Instagram have been going through a lot of changes and testing out new features. Well, news has come out that Facebook, like Instagram, will soon start hiding likes. What does this mean for businesses and how will this affect reach and engagement? We are here to break all of that down and show you what this means for Facebook marketing in the future.

1. What will this look like?

Just to be clear, likes and reactions are not going away. You will still be able to like, react, and comment on posts, however, you just won't be able to see how many reactions a post has gotten. A woman by the name of Jane Manchun Wong was able to reverse engineer her Facebook profile to give you an idea of what this looks like.

If you are the owner of the post, you will still be able to see who liked your post. However, your followers will not be able to see the total amount or even all the people who reacted or liked your post. Below is a comparison of what it looked like before and after.

2. How will this affect you and your marketing strategies moving forward?

One important note to keep in mind is that even though likes and reactions are being hidden, you still will able to see how much reach and engagement your posts receive. The overall insights are not going away.

Since the like/reaction count is going away, we now need to focus on how to create that same effect without relying on those buttons. This could mean using polls, testimonials, getting people to comment and engage. Essentially find mirroring ways to show how much people are invested in your business.

3. Facebook Groups

This would be a great time to start utilizing Facebook groups. Facebook groups are a great way to find a niche demographic for your business and it is a faster way to communicate with them.

For example, if you are a restaurant that specializes in vegan food in Houston. Some of the Facebook groups that would be beneficial to join are Vegans of Houston, Vegan Texans, Vegan Food Recipes, etc.

With Facebook groups, it's easier to interact with your audience because everyone in that group is most likely interested in what you have to offer.

4. Don’t Stress.

Overall, it will be okay. Although this is a big change, there is not much to worry about because there's always a new and innovative way to market. Likes/reactions are not the only indicators that your business is doing well. And remember, if you ever need advice or help, our doors are always open.

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