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How to Handle Social Media during Pandemics

The coronavirus has created an (dare we say) apocalyptic type of atmosphere in both the real and digital worlds. No one can predict when the next pandemic will occur or how it will affect you and your business. However, these tips will help you prepare and plan on what to say and do the next time there is a serious pandemic.


During this time it is very easy to spread false information online without proper fact-checking. If you are going to make an informational post, please be sure to go to reliable sources and fact check everything. There have been numerous instances where users have been falsely spreading misinformation. This is not only dangerous but can also tarnation your reputation. Google is your friend, so please use it.

Be Sensitive to the Situation

This one is a tight rope to walk on. You want to make sure that your audience is aware of what is going on but you also don’t want to cause panic. At the same time, you don’t want to come off as insensitive to the whole situation. Just ask yourself, “If I saw this on my timeline, would I be offended?” if there is even a slight doubt in your mind, then don’t post it. It’s better to be safe than sorry. A good idea is to also look at your competitors and audience members and get a feel of their take on the situation.

Look over your Scheduled Content

Most of you will have already planned out your posts ahead of time. Go through each and every post on every platform and make sure they are appropriate. Sometimes you may have a humorous post planned out weeks ahead but can come off insensitive due to the timing of the situation.

Be Honest to Yourself

If during a pandemic or a crisis, you feel like you can’t post or think it would be inappropriate to talk about your business, then don’t post. However, be sure to let your audience know. Make a simple post stating that you are postponing any upcoming events, you will be taking a pause on social media for a while, and that if any of your consumers have questions, they can reach out to you privately. A time like this can feel overwhelming and it’s important to take the steps that are good for your audience and yourself.

News travels fast on social media and it can be exhausting and overwhelming. Times like this can affect businesses in so many ways. You can always plan ahead and be smart about your future decisions. Don’t let social media consume you. Take a break.

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