• Grace Glass

Is this the end of organic marketing on Facebook?

By now, you probably know about the major announcement that came out of Facebook’s F8 developer’s conference at the end of April (and no, we’re not talking about Facebook Dating). As part of Mark Zuckerberg’s ongoing “pivot to privacy”, Facebook has begun transitioning emphasis away from the newsfeed and over to groups and events. This redesign is actually a recognition of a broader shift in user behavior that’s been happening for a long time now, but what on earth does it mean for organic marketing on the world’s largest social media platform? And what’s the most important step you can take right now for your business to thrive on Facebook’s redesigned platform?

Simply put, if you don’t have a branded Facebook group for your business, then you need to make one right away.

The good news is that branded groups will receive the same prioritization on a user’s screen as non-branded groups, which will be a refreshing change from the constant uphill slog that brands experienced on the newsfeed. And creating a branded Facebook group is a great way to build a sense of community (and therefore brand loyalty) with your customers. If you have an email list, then you already have everything you need to invite existing leads and customers to join your group, and those core supporters are a great place to begin building your following.

And of course, creating compelling, shareable content will be more important than ever before. Earned media in the form of shares and mentions from your customers to their friends will boost the visibility of your message in a major way, thanks to Facebook’s efforts to amplify interactions between its non-brand users.

Look at this change as an opportunity to reinforce your brand’s relationship with your customers in a way that will build loyalty and trust for years to come, see it as a chance to hone your content so that it’s laser-focused to appeal to those customers, but whatever you do, don’t sleep on these major changes to the Facebook platform or you’ll wake up to find that your competitors have left you in the dust.

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