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Striped Dog Creative

"I love helping entrepreneurs gain confidence in their websites! My favorite clients are the ones who come in embarrassed about their current website and then can't wait to show off their new website two weeks later. It's the best feeling for both of us!"

Get to know Isabel with Striped Dog Creative a little more below!

What services do you offer?

Website Design and Brand Strategy

What makes your business unique?

I work with one client at a time for two weeks to launch their new website. My strategy background allows me to deep dive into a business and helps them connect emotionally and authentically with potential customers. Dedicating myself to their project for two weeks means they get an on-demand strategist and designer, and I get to really focus on their project and deliver a website much quicker than most designers!

What's a fun fact about yourself or your business?

Striped Dog Creative is named after my first rescue dog, Tobey. She has a white stripe down her back and white edges to her paws. I didn't want to use my own name when I launched since I had a corporate job at the time, so I needed something unique that wouldn't be tied back to me -- Striped Dog Creative was born.

Where are you located, and how can customers contact you?

I live in Providence, with an office in Boston, and work with clients internationally.

Contact:;; 323-350-9387

Where can people find you on social media?

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