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What the **** is Twitter and Why is it so Weird for Businesses?

Twitter is not for everyone and for those who don’t have a personal account, you may not understand how exactly it works. Lucky for you, I am here to explain the chaotic mess of Twitter and why so many businesses struggle with it.

I have a personal twitter. I keep it private because it’s like my personal diary; its highly embarrassing and sometimes I say some pretty lame things. If you were to get a glimpse of my twitter, you would probably think I was some lunatic who is way too obsessed with Marvel superheroes and needs to come back to reality because Chris Evans is never going to notice me.

With Twitter, you have 280 characters (previously 140) to say whatever is on your mind; gifs, memes, pictures, word vomit, anything! There is also an option to retweet other tweets, so if you find something funny, cute, sad, or relatable you retweet it (kind of like sharing on facebook). Twitter also has a trending page, which shows the top 10 things people are talking about at that moment. This is how news gets spread quickly on Twitter and most of the time it's not always accurate.

Trending Page

Trending Page


Now that you got a small run down. Let me explain why Twitter might not be always the best option to have for a small company. The more successful Twitter accounts of businesses are the ones that are not afraid to be humorous and show personality. For example, fast food chains. They constantly mock each other and make cheeky jokes. People love this kind of rivalry which is why it gets so much traction. Wendy’s made a diss track and it was talked about for days!

You also have to be updated on the most recent memes and use them to your advantage. (fun fact: most of the memes you see on facebook come from twitter first) Netflix, for example, will constantly use gifs and memes to showcase how they are youthful and connected they are with their audience. They also engage with their audience A LOT.

Overall, Twitter is great for large corporations, brands that are willing to be risqué, and freelancers! I would recommend starting out with creating a personal Twitter account first. Get a feel of the app and how it works. I think it's better to gain a following through your personal account than to create one for your business. People want to know who they are working with and how they think. Twitter might be a great place for that.

Try it, Twitter is not all bad. It can be confusing at first but remember that's what people thought of Facebook and Instagram too.

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