• Ami Patel

Why memes are effective?

A blog post on meme culture? Yep. It’s time we face the facts and realize that memes are an effective tool for marketing on social media. Memes are not just “funny” pictures with “quirky” captions. They are shareable, relatable, and trendy content that can help your brand reach a wide variety of audiences. Here are some reasons why you should join the meme trend.


Memes are incredibly effective in getting more shares on all platforms. Memes have a way of conveying a message that is easy to understand and relatable. When people see something they recognize, they immediately will stop scrolling and actually look at the content. Take for example the meme below. We posted a meme about driving in Houston for one of our clients that generated nearly 2.6k shares! It was so funny and relatable that people were sharing it like crazy.

2. For the Culture!

Memes are being curated and shared the most by millennials and gen-z. This is the new generation you will need to learn to reach if you want to get new audience members. Getting started now will help with finding a new group of followers and adapting your business to target that demographic. In order to get the attention of the new generation, you need to speak their language.

3. They aren’t hard to find!

Memes are literally everywhere. There are Instagram pages dedicated to meme culture where you can find hundreds and thousands of hilarious memes, some even relating to specific occupations. One of my favorite places to find the most current memes is Twitter. I can already hear some of you sighing when I said Twitter, but trust me, it’s a useful source. A lot of large corporations utilize and post memes with their own twist to generate retweets and likes.

4. Memes are Business Appropriate!

More and more businesses are using memes to attract their audiences like The New York Times. Yes, THE NEW YORK TIMES, even hopped on to the meme trend and used the famous “distracted boyfriend” meme to talk about how Fiat Chrysler and Renault are going to merge. If an influential newspaper like The New York Times isn’t afraid to use memes, then neither should you.

Photo: Intelligencer

Now I want to emphasize that in no way am I saying you should ONLY post memes and thereby become a meme account. That is not the purpose of this blog. I am here to simply tell you that memes are effective and using them once in a while doesn’t hurt. Join the meme side and see how fun it can actually be!​

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